Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The key to unifying a room on a budget

In this economy we are all looking for ways to save money. The Drapery Lady is well aware of this and tries to help clients on all levels. This client has two very different sofas. She does not have the budget right now to buy new furniture. We offered her a budget friendly solution.
Now the structure of these sofas are very different. The smaller sofa has a full back with attached cushioning. The larger sofa has fuller arms with a very flat back. The first thing I did was attach a 2" foam on the back of the larger sofa. I wrapped a layer of batting to give it a more rounded look. This gave both sofas a fuller back.
As far as the rest of the sofas, I made the slipcovers very similar. Usually I follow the lines of the sofa exactly. This time I chose to make a few changes. For example, the arm on the smaller sofa is very straight. To add fullness I added kick pleats on the skirt fronts. To further unify the look I have suggested the client purchase similar pillows for both sofas.
The Drapery Lady prides in being flexible with the ever changing times. Call us for a free in home consultation.

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