Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Home decorating on a budget

I promised I would post ideas anyone can do no matter what the budget or skill level to beautify their homes.
So here is a lovely project that would go with the hot new Shabby Chic look. This is a settee purchased as is. Notice there is severe staining on the seat. This cannot be removed.
You could buy a piece like this at a thrift store or on craigslist for about $40-$60.
This particular piece would take about 3 yards of fabric to recover. I am lucky enough to live close to a designer fabric studio with a warehouse in the rear. They sell fabrics from $3.50 a yard. I bought white upholstery gimp. You can purchase this for as little as 25 cents a yard, You would need approxiatemely 15 yards for this piece. You will also need a heavy duty stapler, staples, a glue gun and refill sticks. My client chose to paint the frame first in a Dove White paint.
Now keep in mind this is a beginner skill project. This is not an antique or a family heirloom. This is not custom upholstery. This purely for decorative purposes only.
The first step is to cut the fabric to fit. You should always place the fabric on the piece and calculate where you would like the pattern to lay. This particular fabric had large blooms. I chose a layout that would showcase as many blooms as possible.
Once you have cut all your fabric pieces, label them and press under all the edges 1/4 inch. I started with the seat. I stapled the fabric along all the edges. Make sure you keep your fabric nice and taught. It always helps to do a few staples on opposite sides just to get the positioning correct. Then fill in the spaces to ensure a secure fit.
Once you have all the fabric stapled on you can begin to place the gimp. Make sure your glue gun is pre-heated and filled. Place a drop of glue on one end and fold under for a tidy edge. I began in the back of the seat to hide the joining. Continue gluing all the way around all the edges ensuring you are covering all the staples.
Here is the completed project. This currently being sold on craigslist.com for just under $300. This would make a lovely piece in a bedroom or an entryway.

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