Sunday, October 9, 2011

Miracle Worker

Okay, this makeover was really a miracle. This chair came to me in a sorry state!
Since this is for resale, upholstery was out of the budget. So I had to add my slipcover magic!!!

I started with the cushion. I added One inch batting on both sides to give a worn cushion some luxury without having to replace the whole cushion.  Then I got to work on the slipcover. The chair had wood details I felt shouldn't be hidden.
I left the arm knobs exposed.

There were carved details at the bottom edge. A long skirt would have hidden this. So a tiny skirt was enough to add a finished detail without covering the characteristics of the chair.

The print was a lovely Duralee fabric. The contrast of the large black and white print balances the dark ornate frame. Just shows the magic of fabric!

It will posted on craigslist under Vicki's Vintage on Long Island if you are interested.

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